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I Haven't Found the End of the Internet Yet,

But I have found the center!

(Actually, the end is here!)

Your life is now complete. Live long and prosper.

Oops! I was wrong!

Congress does have a plan for solving the high gas prices after all! At least, Maxine Waters does.
What an idiot!

More on "Big Oil"

Did you know that the US oil companies are really fairly small? At least when compared to oil companies around the world, the majority of which are state-owned. Check out this article. Our largest - Exxon Mobil - is only 14th largest world-wide! Note the size of the Chinese and Indian oil companies - very small, and the emerging economies of those two countries are booming.
Our own US Congress could greatly help alleviate high cost of fuel if they wanted to. So why don't they? (Of course, all they can think of is to sue OPEC!)
One more thing to remember at election time...

A Gasoline Price Drop In Our Future?

Everybody wants to blame the oil companies for $4 per gallon gas, but here is an interesting report from today's London Telegraph. A few salient points from the article:
Between 2004 and 2007, US oil consumption grew only 7%. Compare this to China's increase of 34%, Middle East - 25%, and Asia at 17%.
Those countries subsidize fuel prices, so their costs are artificially low. However, those subsidies will have to be removed or reduced in order to curtail inflation, thereby helping to reduce demand.
Non-OPEC oil production will increase by 600K barrels per day (bpd) over the next few months, despite decreases by Norway, Britain, and Mexico.
The Saudis have agreed to increase their production by 300K bpd. This was a result of President Bush's latest visit there.There's nothing to stop a short-term run up, but in the longer haul, with a decrease in demand and an increase in supply, shouldn't we - at least theoretically - see an improvement in the price of gas? Maybe not n…

"Lay Off My Wife"

Oh, I thought Obama was talking to Bill Clinton! HAHA!

When Incontinence Is Excusable

I'm not sure I have enough testosterone to try this one out. It's a new roller coaster in Ohio, via Marginalizing Morons (a funny, witty guy!)
I wonder what's the head count of the clean-up crew?

Which One Is the Adult?

And which one is the 8th grader? I have a lot of admiration for this group of kids, especially the one at the end, questioning the supposedly adult and more mature politician. This is funny, to boot!