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From a post of 4 years ago today. Still think it's funny.

How to Cook a Turkey
Go buy a turkeyTake a drink of whisky (preferably Blanton's bourbon)Put turkey in the ovenTake another 2 drinks of whiskySet the degree at 375 ovensTake 3 more whiskys of drinkTurk the basteyWhisky another bottle of getPonder the meat thermometerGlass yourself a pour of whiskyBake the whisky for 4 hoursTake the oven out of the turkeyFloor the turkey up off of the pickTurk the carveyGet yourself another scottle of botchTet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkeyBless the dinner and pass out

Retiring Soon

It has gotten here super quick!
I had always planned on retiring once I turned 62, but now it's really here!
Just 21 more work days, or 33 total days.
If I could just slow it down once it gets here.
Can't wait! Maybe I'll have a little more time for blogging.
Not that it's interesting to anyone else.