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A Camino in My Future

My wife and I first watched the movie, The Way, several years ago, and immediately fell in love with the idea of walking across Spain once we were both retired. Life has thrown a few obstacles in the way of timing, but it is going to happen this year. I'm not getting any younger!

As an avid walker, I have wanted to do something challenging walking-wise. An acquaintance of mine walked the Appalachian Trail after he retired and that got me thinking, despite the fact that thinking too much usually leads to headaches. But 2,000 miles seemed a little much, especially combined with camping and back-packing. I'm no outdoors-man! So upon learning of the Camino de Santiago de Compostela and that it was only 500 miles and no camping, I knew that was it! I just needed to have the time to do it. Now that I am retired, I got time! And I LOVE to walk!

I'm pretty well committed now, as I have taken the first real step by snagging an awesome air fare deal. Charlotte to Madrid r/t for $38…

Nine Years!

Looking back, I just noticed I started this blog almost 9 years ago to the day! 9 years and 8 days. Wow!

A lot has happened in that time. I remarried, and retired. I had just started walking and continue to do so today. I love it and it's great exercise! Lost weight, gained it back and have lost it all again, though this time it's staying off. My goal is another 40 pounds by year end, if I can do it without muscle loss.

I Don't Blog Much

...but maybe this is a good time to start back. Again.
We've survived a contentious, bloody presidential election where the winner was marginally better than the loser. But he IS the winner, so let's give him some time to get it together. I said the same thing about Mr. Obama 8 years ago (God Bless Our New President), and I wish the same for Mr. Trump.
I just wish the sore losers would stop their whining and tantrums and hair-pulling. They are being childish and closed-minded. Give Mr. Trump a chance. Try to overlook his obnoxiousness and inane tweets, and take a look at what he actually accomplishes.
And take a few deep breaths please!
He's making some newbie, outsider, non-politician errors, but I believe that, way down inside, his heart is in the right place. He truly wants a better America, and if he can accomplish that, he'll feed his ego and look better too. I don't care about that.
Just give me results.
The next four years will quickly pass...