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Quiz of the Day, Part 1

Man! I don't know how this works, but it nailed me to a T!

Amazing Stuff

I am always amazed by how creative and talented people can be! Check out these "objets d'art"...

All Clear!

Just got an e-mail from Cindy - all is well, just internet speed and access issues. I'd be a whole lot more sympathetic if she and Ken weren't idling around the Bahamas in their sailboat! Nope, I'm jealous, just envious. Nice to know everything is OK, though.

Flitting About the Islands

I'm suffering from withdrawal pains! No, it's nothing related to anything illegal or unhealthy, but it's a fantasy thing.
Two friends of mine, Ken and Cindy - former residents of my area who now live in Brunswick, GA - are currently on their 43' sailboat, somewhere in the Bahamas with their 2 dogs and 2 cats. All safe, I assume, as they have not posted a log entry on their website since March 7. Which is why I am whining!
Cindy does a great job of keeping a log of how busy they stay at doing nothing, so to speak! No, I am not jealous, but rather envious, as the more I read their about their new lifestyle, the more I realize that life is for living, not being stuck in a cubicle in a corporate environment for too many hours a week. Reading their log has become habit-forming; I usually dedicate 2 windows on my computer - one for reading their log and the other for a map of the current island. It has really become a mental getaway for me. Each evening I grab my laptop and ch…

Election 2008

This didn't make the news...

Is Bono Evil?


Time Warp

Today is Tuesday, March 18, 2008.
Arthur C. Clark died tomorrow, Wednesday, March 19, 2008.
Of course, he passed away in Sri Lanka, which is like 35 hours ahead of us, or something, so that explains the time thing. Weird to ponder, though.
He was quite the visionary as well as an author; among other things, he thought up the idea of geo-synchronous orbits, which keeps satellites at a constant spot in the sky above us.
2001: A Space Odyssey will always be one of my favorites, although a lot of the book/movie was too deep for my shallow mind.
Bon journee, Mr. Clarke. The pod doors are now closed...

Tater Bug

I received a package the other day from my Aunt Shirley in Houston. She's my late father's sister who will be 90 this year! Mind is still sharp, but they won't let her drive any more - she quit that at 85. Heck, they'll probably ground me a lot earlier than that!
Anyway, this package - it really was a large box - contained an old bowl-back mandolin. It had belonged to my grandfather, who, according to Aunt Shirley, did not know how to play it, and probably won it in a poker game! But it is in great shape, relatively, and she wanted me to have it, as she had planned on taking up the harp in her after-life. (Her words, in essence.)
I took it to a couple of local guitar shops and a guy at the first place said, "Oh yeah! That's one o' them tater bugs!" I said, "Huh?". He said again, "That's one of them tater bugs!" So I did hear him right, though he didn't know where the name came from. At the next shop, they were a lot more know…

It's A Start

Ok. I've gone and done it. Started my own blog. Bare myself to the anonymous ether of the net.
I'm not sure why I felt a need to do this, but I'll try not to let myself be too big of a bore. I enjoy reading others' blogs and figured I'd try it myself. Thanks to Cheryl at Southern Corvette Lady for getting me thinking about this.
About me: single (divorced), no kids, 2 cats (Snow and Sasha), house on a golf course with a pool (that's why I wanted to keep the house), play guitar in a band (we're pretty decent!), age - classified, but I am a child of the fifties and a teen of the sixties. When I first registered to vote at 18, I listed myself as an independent (boy, was that radical!), then proceeded to vote for Nixon! Ha! Well, that was radical, as I was born and raised in Louisiana, a state known for their colorful Democrat politicians! Oh well...
I find political blogs enjoyable - there's lot of talent out there, and there are folks who take the pains to d…