Now that Easter - and Lent - are over, I guess I am free to resume those habits I swore off for Lent.

Alcohol - I have given it up every year for some time now, and it helps me "dry out", although I don't drink a lot. It is, however, harder to abstain than it would seem - there are times I really miss a cold beer, or a glass of red wine, or a double shot of good bourbon (Blanton's, anyone?). I did make a small exception, as my birthday always seems to fall within the Lenten season, I had a couple of beers at my birthday dinner. I can "justify" it, since my birthday was on a Sunday, and Sundays are not considered part of Lent. That was my only "cheat".
Since Blanton's bourbon is a rare find, I tried Wathen's bourbon for a post-Lent treat, and found it a very good replacement.

Facebook - I still haven't returned. Maybe I will just to send any visitors to this blog. After the first week or so, I found I really don't miss it - it's just too political now. Maybe I'll check out Instagram...


CC said…
I am so happy to see you bligging again. I will be following along.

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